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CPZ Update - 2 January 2018

"We have commissioned parking demand surveys in the Vartry area and have received the raw data and are in the process of analysing the results to determine the level and extent of any parking...Read more

Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) - Update 23 August 2017

"Subject: FW: Petition regarding Vartry Road CPZ - ref. LBH/6448217

"We are now in a position to tell you the action that we have taken in response to your petition....Read more

Green Garden Waste

We have recently received a leaflet from the council setting out that Veolia will now be taking over the green garden waste collections from 23 October 2017 and that this will now operate...Read more

Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)

Parking problems - a CPZ for our neighbourhood?

Residents are finding it increasingly difficult to park in the neighbourhood. A petition has been submitted to the Council and it is currently being considered.

There was...Read more

Triangle Centre N15 Parents Forum - Save Our Nurture Room

Save our Nurture Room

Haringey Council has decided to close 0-2 years provision in the Nurture Room at the Triangle Centre with immediate effect.

This will result in a huge shortfall of places...Read more

Safer Neighbourhoods Newsletter Survey 2017

"We are conducting a survey on our Neighbourhood Newsletters, which are delivered to 120 wards accross the Metropolitan Police area.

"The newsletters are written by your local Safer...Read more

Met Police: Community RoadWatch - Volunteers Needed

Haringey now has a borough-wide 20 mph limit - please stick to the new limit when you see 20 mph signs.

Why introduce 20 mph Limit?

Speed limits are introduced to...Read more

Fly-Tipping, Dumping, Litter

Residents are unhappy with the fly-tipping, dumping, litter in our local streets.

Veolia and the Council Enforcement Team have attended residents' meetings in the past, but...Read more


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