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Join our Councillors in Manchester Gardens Clean-up

Manchester Gardens
Sunday, 29 July 2018
midday til 2pm

The aim is to establish a regular group so that we can care for & improve this wonderful, little space.

Please come & join our local Seven Sisters councillors: Barbara,...Read more

AGM - Thursday 1 February 2018

Minutes posted
Woodberry Down Baptist Church
Corner of Seven Sisters and Vartry Roads

AGENDA...Read more

CPZ Update - 2 January 2018

We hope to have an update from our local councillors shortly.

"We have commissioned parking demand surveys in the Vartry area and have received the raw data and are in the process of...Read more

Fly-Tipping, Dumping, Litter

Residents are unhappy with the fly-tipping, dumping, litter in our local streets.

Veolia and the Council Enforcement Team have attended residents' meetings in the past, but...Read more

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