Paignton Park

The park was created about 40 years ago as part of the wider redevelopment of the area. It was further developed with work by the Friends of Paignton Park, Haringey Council Parks Dept and funding from the New Deal for Communities (now The Bridge Renewal Trust), who also built the Triangle Children, Young People and Community Centre on the edge of the park. Haringey Parks Dept maintains a Management Plan for Paignton Park. First awarded the prestigious Green Flag Award in 2010, the park has kept it ever since.   

Paignton Park has a playground, community square, fruit tree meadow, large grassy area encircled by a path with trees and shrubs.

Residents have planted bulbs in the community square along with some blackcurrant bushes as well as some herbs. VCRA funded the planting of wild flowers to attract bees and insects in the octagonal bed, which makes a glorious colourful show in the summer months. Last autumn, our Haringey Parks officer for the ‘hardware’ in the park did a tour of the park with local residents identifying maintenance issues, such as the broken ping pong table, playground repairs required, bins that needed replacing, etc. We hope to have a ‘soft’/green similar walkabout with a Haringey Parks officer soon. Last year there was also a walkabout with TCV (The Conservation Volunteers).

Blossom in Paignton Park