Met Police: Community RoadWatch - Volunteers Needed

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Haringey now has a borough-wide 20 mph limit - please stick to the new limit when you see 20 mph signs.

Why introduce 20 mph Limit?

Speed limits are introduced to ensure greater road safety. Traffic speeds are sometimes too fast in our residential and local shopping streets. This can stop more people walking and cycling and can increase the number and severity of accidents. Research shows that there will be fewer accidents, and they will be less severe, if traffic is travelling at lower speeds.

For more information on Haringey speed limits and Community Roadwatch volunteering, please see:

Date Time Location
Fri 21 July 20:00 Coolhurst Road / Crouch Hall Road N8
Tues 25 July 20:00 Avenue Road / South Grove N15
Mon 31 July 20:00 Cranley Gardens / Linden Road N10
Weds 2 August 12:00 Middle Lane / Grove House Road N8
Tues 15 August 18:00 Wood Lane / Parkwood Mews N6
Sat 18 August 14:30 Willoughby Lane / Brantwood Road N17
Thurs 31 August 12:00 Outside 66 Shepherds Hill N6
Tues 5 September 12:00 Ferme Park Road / Weston Road N8

Contact PC Gary Frost via email: if you can help.