Graffiti Cleaning in Haringey by Council

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Haringey Council are about to embark on a huge scheme to clear all the graffiti in the borough (not street art but tagging and blatant vandalism).

Haringey Council are doing this ward by ward, identifying spaces and then cleaning. However, we know we're going to miss spaces, alleys etc. So we are working closely with the police ward teams, Homes for Haringey (HfH) site managers and others to make sure we get to as many places as possible.

What do you need from us?
If you have any residents groups, neighbourhood associations etc that you work with regularly, who can help us compile a list, that would be great. We have some, but you might know of others and we don't want anyone to feel missed out.

Who should I send this to?
If you send it to So name, name of association/group, email and/or phone number (if you have one)

When will you contact them?
A few weeks before we're due to their ward, whilst we're compiling the list of jobs and then we can cross reference with their list to add any we miss.

Will you be removing graffiti from everywhere?
That's the aim, but there are restrictions on private property - we need to obtain a waiver on private property (i.e. shop fronts). There are problems with doing the removal work on active railway bridges as they use extreme high powered jet wash which can damage the bridge if not careful. We also won't be doing spaces where graffiti is part of the scene (i.e. the artist district around Fontayne Road).

We also have height restrictions (ie, the graffiti on top of Wood Green Station... we're talking to London Underground as that is not accessible safely).

I regularly report graffiti to Veolia, shall I stop?
No. The removal team is acting as business as usual. So report it to Veolia. We are doing an additional focused ward clean as there are places with a large excess of graffiti. However, Veolia might put it on this if it's a big job.

Also if it is offensive or political graffiti it will be removed within 24 hours, so keep reporting.

Thank you in advance for your help

From Seema Chandwani
Labour Councillor for West Green Ward
Cabinet Member for Transformation and Public Realm Investment