Franklin Street Rose Garden

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Rose Garden

Franklin Street Rose Garden was overgrown. VCRA secured funding from the Council to improve and make it safer.

Sally and Steve took on the job of overhauling the Franklin Street Rose Garden. Great job! Thanks also to Carol, who co-ordinated this and to Haringey Council for funding it.

Question now is how to maintain the Rose Garden and how to overhaul and maintain Paignton Park and Manchester Gardens?

We hope to have a litter pick soon.

The Background

VCRA was awarded a small grant by Haringey Council to restore the Rose Gardens in Franklin Street to good order.

On 31 March 2017, an inspection of the Rose Gardens was conducted with VCRA and representatives of the Parks Department and Homes for Haringey.

It was agreed that VCRA would get up to 3 quotes from local gardening groups/firms for the gardening aspect of restoring the Rose Gardens to good order to ensure good value for money.

Quotes were sought on behalf of VCRA for the first stage of the gardening work to:
- weed
- repair/replace weed proof membrane
- apply mulch
- prune roses to remove dead wood and so let more light and air into the shrubs to discourage pests and encourage flowering.

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