Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) - Update 23 August 2017

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"Subject: FW: Petition regarding Vartry Road CPZ - ref. LBH/6448217

"We are now in a position to tell you the action that we have taken in response to your petition.

"Your petition has been raised for the attention of the Cabinet Member for Environment, who has instructed us to undertake parking surveys in the area to determine and quantify the extent of the parking problems.

"Should the surveys indicate excessive parking demands, the next step will be to carry out a perception survey with residents, to see if they wish to be formally consulted on the introduction of a CPZ.

"I will be happy to update you on the outcome of the parking surveys as soon as I am able to.

"As stated in the acknowledgement letter we sent you, to ensure people know what we are doing in response to petitions we receive, the details of all petitions submitted to the Council will be published on our website, except where this would be inappropriate."

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