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    The best number to contact us on is 07920233793. It is a mobile number we carry with us, however, if we are off duty no one will answer. If a call needs an immediate response, 999 is the number to call, and if the call needs a response within the day, call 101. Our number is for dealing with more long term neighbour issues, and a message can be left or text sent if we do not answer immediately, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    George Potter - Police Constable 629 YR
    NPT East Cluster - Haringey BOCU - Territorial Policing
    Metropolitan Police Service
    MetPhone 790896 | Telephone 02083450708 |
    NPT office, Tottenham Police station, 398 High road, N179JA

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    SNT - what is the best number to contact you?

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    I recently noticed what seemed to be much louder noise from the Victoria Line dry riser/ventilation shaft at the junction of Seven Sisters and Netherton Roads N15.
    I did some investigating and learned this ventilation shaft uses a fan to cool the tube and the fan was upgraded in 2009 as part of the Cooling the Tube project.
    Since 2009 there are more frequent tubes on the Victoria Line and the weekend night tube service was introduced increasing the amount of noise at times (e.g. overnight) when it is more noticeable because there is usually less traffic and other background noise.
    I know that other residents experience noise and/or vibration from the tube. For me the issue is the increase in the last few months of a high-pitched noise (caused perhaps by air being forced into the shaft when trains pass underneath or by the contact between train wheels and the track).
    I raised the issue with Transport for London (TfL) who have taken action in other areas such as grinding the track to reduce friction between train wheels and the track.
    TfL sent me a form to complete and return and said that they might come and assess the type and level of noise. I also contacted the London Tube Noise Action Group. I will post an update when /if TfL takes any action in response to my completed and returned form.

  • Reply to: Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)   2 years 1 month ago

    I am glad Haringey Council is now considering our CPZ petition. Hope this time something is done. Some months ago, I emailed all three of our local counsillors regarding the issue of parking but I did not even get an acknowledgement of receipt. Not a good sign.
    Situation is certainly very bad. The other night I returned after midnight and the only spot I could find was quite a few streets away. Not a safe situation if one is elderly or female.

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    They did say it at the meeting that it could take some time, but it is frustrating.

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    Thanks admin for posting. Agree with Evelyn's comment that parking is getting worse. Really frustrating especially as Ben Jackson attended meeting in March and we had 1st petition which we then had to follow up with council procedure for submitting petition..really time consuming. Let's hope we do hear more by end of August (note the date) as traffic build-up is becoming dangerous especially for cyclists.

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    Haringey Council has received our petition and is currently considering it. For more information, please see our article on this:

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    I understand from Haringey that they have received no petition from our community survey which concluded weeks ago. I wonder why this is and in spite of overwhelming support for Cpz at the meeting which took place months and months ago we are no further forward it seems. Something does not add up here! Can anyone explain please. The situation with parking gets worse and worse and even the summer period has brought no reprieve. The possibility of getting free parking now in this small area, one of the only left for miles,is bringing so much traffic through it is becoming a nightmare. I left a previous post about this last Nov.

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    Every council should be making efforts to increase recycling. The charges will have the opposite effect. The bulk and weight of garden waste is considerable so a reduction in collection will reduce haringey's recycling percentage.

    If residents want to continue to recycle their garden wast without a weekly collection charge then they may want to start composting, which is probably even more ecologically sound than council collection.

  • Reply to: Local Services   2 years 4 months ago

    I agree with Roland's assessment above. I have lived in the area for 20 years, and the issue has certainly become a problem in the last 5-10 years.
    1. The recently built flats and houses opposite Manchester Gardens all have 'car free' tenancies, according to the literature put through our doors at the time.
    2. The CPZ in the Fladbury Road estate across the road doesn't seem to be well used. But then why bother when residents can park for free in our roads?
    3. There does appear to be a lot of commuter parking in Heysham, Manchester and Vartry Roads. In addition, people have left their vehicles here for several weeks while they go on holiday! We are within half a mile of Seven Sisters and Manor House tube stations, with good links to all London airports, and the Heysham Road bus stops provide a very convenient park and ride resource!

    I fully support the introduction of a CPZ in this area which I feel will reduce stress on residents, also improve the general environment in these streets.

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    We are on Manchester Road and are looking for a good reliable cleaner to come in for two hours every other week. Can anyone recommend someone?


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    Just to add that I have also, out of frustration, been asking people who I don't recognise as residents why they are parking on Richmond Road. It mainly seems to be the Volvo Garage, or near by residents that could not find parking on their own street! There are always spaces on Richmond Road on a Sunday evening, leading me to believe that this parking issue is indeed due to people who work in the area taking advantage of free parking outside our residences.

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    I have been living in this area for nearly 30 years and I feel he problem of parking only became more acute the last 10 years. This may be due to:
    1. The building of numerous houses without parking facilities along Seven Sisters Road opposite Manchester Gardens.
    2. Double yellow lines at street junctions.
    The problem of parking in this area is unlikely to be solely due to office hour parking by people working in the area (although this may have contributed to it) ) as I have difficulty finding a parking space even late at night.

  • Reply to: Refuse and Recycling   2 years 7 months ago

    Hello there

    Has anyone else not had their compost collected lately? Normally I have been really grateful for their weekly compost collection but recently they have not been collecting it every week, even when I put the bin out in front of my other bins! I sent a complaint in November and it improved for a while, however it isn't happening again. The council are asking me if anyone else has the same complaint? If so let me know!