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    I agree with Roland's assessment above. I have lived in the area for 20 years, and the issue has certainly become a problem in the last 5-10 years.
    1. The recently built flats and houses opposite Manchester Gardens all have 'car free' tenancies, according to the literature put through our doors at the time.
    2. The CPZ in the Fladbury Road estate across the road doesn't seem to be well used. But then why bother when residents can park for free in our roads?
    3. There does appear to be a lot of commuter parking in Heysham, Manchester and Vartry Roads. In addition, people have left their vehicles here for several weeks while they go on holiday! We are within half a mile of Seven Sisters and Manor House tube stations, with good links to all London airports, and the Heysham Road bus stops provide a very convenient park and ride resource!

    I fully support the introduction of a CPZ in this area which I feel will reduce stress on residents, also improve the general environment in these streets.

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    We are on Manchester Road and are looking for a good reliable cleaner to come in for two hours every other week. Can anyone recommend someone?


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    Hi Emma,

    Could we speak to you this morning on radio about this? IT'd be with Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio London and for 0815. I can be reached on 020 7765 1181

    Kind REgards

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    Just to add that I have also, out of frustration, been asking people who I don't recognise as residents why they are parking on Richmond Road. It mainly seems to be the Volvo Garage, or near by residents that could not find parking on their own street! There are always spaces on Richmond Road on a Sunday evening, leading me to believe that this parking issue is indeed due to people who work in the area taking advantage of free parking outside our residences.

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    I have been living in this area for nearly 30 years and I feel he problem of parking only became more acute the last 10 years. This may be due to:
    1. The building of numerous houses without parking facilities along Seven Sisters Road opposite Manchester Gardens.
    2. Double yellow lines at street junctions.
    The problem of parking in this area is unlikely to be solely due to office hour parking by people working in the area (although this may have contributed to it) ) as I have difficulty finding a parking space even late at night.

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    Hello there

    Has anyone else not had their compost collected lately? Normally I have been really grateful for their weekly compost collection but recently they have not been collecting it every week, even when I put the bin out in front of my other bins! I sent a complaint in November and it improved for a while, however it isn't happening again. The council are asking me if anyone else has the same complaint? If so let me know!

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    I have recently moved into the neighbourhood and I immediately had a problem with parking. Is Eastbourne road part of the vartry road community or is there an Eastbourne road community as I think we should have controlled parking for a few hours a day. For example 10-11am and 10-11pm as suggested above.

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    Since November, when this was implemented, it has been impossible to park in Richmond or Vartry Rds. Pleased to hear CPZ proposed : any info on which streets included?

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    Any movement ? Its just ridiculous now - I have started to ask people who park here why, an they say its because its free. The Volvo garage is just as bad dumping cars all over the place during the day, which I find outrageous- they can't have a business that relies on our street parking!!!

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    Questionnaire re CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone) to go out this week to letterboxes.

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    There will be a survey circulated locally re CPZ. Should be through your door shortly.

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    Wondering if there has been any progress with the request for parking consultation we agreed to pursue at the October meeting?

  • Reply to: Local Services   8 months 3 days ago

    As the situation with parking continues to deteriorate I wonder if there has been any progress on the request for consultation that the residents association was to request following the last meeting in early October. We can't move forward until this request or such like is made to the council.

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    Wishing you all an enjoyable planting!