Age UK Haringey to Cease Operations

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It appears that Age UK Haringey has fallen victim to the decreasing level public and third sector funding. The following letter to was circulated to councillors two days ago.

The charity will be ceasing its operations from April 30th 2016.

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to announce the closure of Age UK Haringey.
Our charity has served the older people of Haringey for 25 years. In that time we have seen people become less lonely and get healthier because they feel more cared for within their community. We have helped people claim the benefits they were entitled to and seen the difference being better off makes. Our trusted team of handypersons have kept people safe in their own homes. And we have loved seeing older volunteers helping Haringey’s young school children learn through an award winning project.

The care and energy of our volunteers have made this possible. These generous people have worked hard to make their community a better place to live. Finding enough money has always been difficult, particularly over the last year. Keeping Age UK Haringey running; paying for its office, staff, and senior manager, cost money. Money we do not have.

The contracts that each contributed a little to our running costs are fewer and have become harder to get. The fewer contracts we have the less affordable Waltheof Gardens and our activities become.

In past years the Trustees have looked forward and known that with the income we expect, and with the safety net of our reserves, we could afford to keep on working, at least for one more year. Many of you will know that we have had to make big savings to carry on working. Last summer for example, 10 staff left the organisation.

This year there are no options left. There is nothing left to cut, there are no reserves and the money we expect is far too little.

The Trustees are working with our CEO and the staff to try and find organisations who could continue to provide our services using our volunteers. We will talk to the people who fund us and to our neighbouring Age UK’s in Camden, Islington and Barnet.

I am so sorry to bring you this news. It is a very upsetting time for everyone involved in Age UK Haringey. It is sad too that we are one of many small local charities having to close.

Yours sincerely

Julie Schwarz

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